Is a creative hub born out of a love for nature and a passion for creativity.


To provide creative products across different mediums that work in harmony with the values of a healthy, sustainable planet and society.

10% Commitment

For every project worked on - 10% of the profits will be invested in charitable creative and environmental projects annually (more info coming soon).


Our creative work is...


Wiilder is the culmination of years of curiosity and passion in the worlds of creativity and social/environmental issues.


From a young age I dabbled with design; drawing my dream boat / tree house / home and finding the limitless realms of creating and manifesting ideas irresistible. Growing up on and around the Stiperstones hills in Shropshire, UK, nature was a significant part of life and this led to an interest in studying Environmental Science (University of Plymouth), followed by a degree in Education (University of Southampton) after volunteer teaching in Cambodia.


Whilst working at the Montpellier School of Architecture, France, I became interested in the intersection between creative work, design and environmental issues. Additionally I became further interested in the symbiotic role that design and sustainability can play with our own well-being and health. It's exciting to see the way in which we can evolve our designs and creations across all aspects of life, and to see the positive effects that that can have with people and our planet.

My objective is to authentically bring creative ideas to life in a universal language that's relatable to the audience, as sustainably as possible.

Outside of building Wiilder I'm generally found playing music, befriending every dog I can and watching A Good Year on repeat.


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